Integrated Insurance and Risk Mitigation solution for dairy farmers


Livestock rearing is central to the livelihood and survival of millions of small and marginal farmers and landless agricultural labour across the country, particularly in the dry land regions of India. Despite vaccination schemes and efforts to propagate livestock rearing by the government, livestock remains a risky business due to non-availability of timely inputs for health care of animals1, lack of suitable education/training in rearing for skill development; inadequate finances and poor rural infrastructure for veterinary care. As the risk reduction strategies have not developed well (in the form of proper vaccination, de-worming and curative measures) a key concern therefore remains whether and how the poor in countries like India can be shielded against risks faced by them on livestock for income. Of the livestock rearing the rural population is involved in, dairying is a predominant occupation of the people in rural India. As a result of which, dairy cattle is the major livestock that small holders possess. Hence, a cattle insurance product is possibly the most widely recognised and most needed livestock insurance product. This technical note explores issues in cattle insurance, desirable features of a cattle insurance product, economics of cattle insurance and more.

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