Design Principles for Payments Banks: IFF-MicroSave Roundtable


In December 2015 IFMR Finance Foundation & MicroSave hosted an interactive session on ‘Design Principles for Payments Banks’ with Dr. Nachiket Mor.

Dr. Mor addressed a select audience of payment bank CXOs on the thinking behind payment banks and the role envisaged for these new institutions in the broader financial services and inclusion landscape in India. Amongst other areas, the interactive session looked at the evolving financial inclusion landscape in India and potential segments and strategies that can be addressed by payment banks and which will differentiate them from other market participants.

This talk by Dr. Mor was followed by interactions with the audience and a question and answer session that was moderated by Mr. Graham A.N. Wright, Group Managing Director, MicroSave and Ms. Bindu Ananth, Chair, IFMR Finance Foundation.