• Digital Payments in India: Reflections from the Union Budget, the RBI’s Payments Vision 2021 and the Nilekani Committee Report

    Anubhutie Singh, Beni Chugh and Malavika Raghavan analyse the key takeaways for consumers in India.

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  • The RBI’s proposed Public Credit Registry and its implications for the credit reporting system in India

    Beni Chugh and Malavika Raghavan write about the proposed PCR and the impact it may have on the credit reporting system in India.

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  • Our Response to the Reserve Bank of India on the Draft Enabling Framework for Regulatory Sandbox

    We present our response to the Draft Framework in response to the call for comments from the stakeholders by the RBI.

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  • Defining "Harm" in the digital ecosystem

    Srikara Prasad discusses what "harm" may look like in the technology age.

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  • Digital Infrastructure and Policy Initiatives in the MSME sector

    Biswaraj Paul Choudhury provides insights on the availability of digital infrastructure in the MSME sector.

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The Future of Finance Initiative by Dvara Research (formerly known as IFMR Finance Foundation) aims to identify and address new challenges for policy and regulation in India around customer protection, given the waves of digital innovation currently sweeping financial services. Our vision is for every individual to have universal access to suitable financial services using a range of channels that enable them to transact securely and confidently.

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