• In the age of Big Data, routine information can be sensitive

    Malavika Raghavan looks into how the harvesting of 50 million Facebook users’ data underscores new challenges for data protection.

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  • Response to the White Paper on a Data Protection Framework for India

    Nine distinguishing points of our thinking on data protection are outlined in a blog releasing our responses to the public.

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  • Last mile issues can make or break the promise of Aadhaar

    Bindu Ananth and Beni Chugh write on how the use of Aadhaar by financial service providers could lead to exclusion.

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  • Before The Horse Bolts

    Malavika Raghavan, Project Head FFI, delves into the need to use new enforcement tools for responsive data regulation in India.

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  • Team FFI at the Inclusive Finance India Summit 2017

    Beni Chugh, Research Associate at the FFI, moderated an expert panel on Digital Financial Services and the Use of Data at the Inclusive Finance India Summit 2017.

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The Future of Finance Initiative by Dvara Research (formerly known as IFMR Finance Foundation) aims to identify and address new challenges for policy and regulation in India around customer protection, given the waves of digital innovation currently sweeping financial services. Our vision is for every individual to have universal access to suitable financial services using a range of channels that enable them to transact securely and confidently.

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