• Roundtable on Implementing India’s Personal Data Protection Bill

    We present insights from a curated group of practitioners, academics and legal thinkers during the roundtable held to discuss the implementation of a new data protection regime in India.

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  • Why more smartphones and bank accounts haven’t brought financial digital inclusion in India

    Malavika Raghavan writes about the reality of technology and finance in users' lives.

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  • Who Bears the Risk in Fintech?

    Beni Chugh examines the financial regulation of consumer-facing fintech in India.

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  • An Analysis of ‘Harm’ defined under the draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018

    Srikara Prasad discusses the definition of 'harm' in the draft bill and its effect on other provisions of the draft bill.

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  • Privacy 101: A Reading List

    A list of essential readings on the topic of Privacy curated by the Future of Finance Initiative.

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The Future of Finance Initiative by Dvara Research (formerly known as IFMR Finance Foundation) aims to identify and address new challenges for policy and regulation in India around customer protection, given the waves of digital innovation currently sweeping financial services. Our vision is for every individual to have universal access to suitable financial services using a range of channels that enable them to transact securely and confidently.

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