Privacy 101: A Reading List

Below are some essential readings for privacy.

  1. Social and Political Dimensions of Privacy by Alan F. Westin (Paper)
  2. Privacy and Freedom by Alan F. Westin (Paper)
  3. Critical Questions for Big Data by danah boyd and Kate Crawford (Paper)
  4. The Boundaries of Privacy Harm by M. Ryan Calo (Paper)
  5. Understanding Privacy by Daniel J. Solove (Book)
  6. Conceptualising Privacy by Daniel J. Solove (Paper)
  7. Privacy Self-Management and the Consent Dilemma by Daniel J. Solove (Paper)
  8. The EU-U.S. Privacy Collision: A turn to institutions and procedures by Paul M. Schwartz (Paper)
  9. Privacy and Democracy in Cyberspace by Paul M. Schwartz (Paper)
  10. The PII Problem: Privacy and a new concept of Personally Identifiable Information by Paul M. Schwartz (Paper)
  11. Property and Privacy: European Perspectives and the Commodification of our Identity by Corien Prins (Book Chapter)
  12. The Right to Privacy by Samuel D. Warren and Louis D. Brandeis (Paper)
  13. What Privacy is for by Julie E. Cohen (Article)
  14. Examined Lives: Informational Privacy and the Subject as Object by Julie E. Cohen (Paper)
  15. Coercing Privacy by Anita L. Allen (Paper)
  16. Reviewing privacy in an information society by Spiros Simitis (Lecture/Article)
  17. The Right of Privacy by Richard A. Posner (Paper)
  18. Principles of Internet Privacy by Fred H. Cate (Paper)
  19. Privacy Attitudes and Privacy behaviour: A review of current research on the privacy paradox phenomenon by Spyros Kokolakis (Paper)
  20. Law and the Philosophy of Privacy by Janice Richardson (Book)
  21. Enforcing Privacy: Regulatory, Legal and Technological Approaches edited by David Wright and Paul De Hert (Book)
  22. Do I do what I say? Observed versus stated privacy preferences by Kay Connelly, Ashraf Khalil, Yong Liu (Paper)
  23. A free and fair digital economy: Protecting privacy, empowering Indians by the Committee of Experts under the Chairmanship of Justice B.N. Srikrishna (Government Report)
  24. Global Data Privacy Laws 2017: 120 National Data Privacy Laws by Graham Greenleaf (Paper)
  25. Four Parts of Privacy in India by Bhairav Acharya (Paper)
  26. Privacy by Design: The 7 Foundational Principles by Ann Cavoukian (Article)
  27. Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life by Helen Nissenbaum (Paper)
  28. The Social Foundations of Privacy: Community and Self in the Common Law Tort by Robert C. Post (Paper)
  29. Intellectual Privacy: Rethinking Civil Liberties in the Digital Age by Neil M. Richards (Paper)
  30. Privacy after Big Data: Compilation of Early Research by the Centre for Internet and Society – India (Report)
  31. Oxford Constitutional Law: Right to Privacy by Oxford Constitutional Law (Resource from the website)

We are constantly adding to this reading list. If there is a reading suggestion that you think must be on this list, please send a mail to FFI [at] dvara.com.