Regulating Data-driven Finance: 4th Dvara Research Conference

The proceedings for this conference can be accessed here.

The 4th Dvara Research Conference on Regulating Data-driven Finance was held on 5-6 April 2019 in Chennai, India. The conference agendaprimers and other resources can be found on the official website.

Digitisation is changing our experience of finance. On one level, digitisation is creating a convergence of processes, platforms and financial infrastructure. Simultaneously, it is also driving divergence in the form of the “unbundling”—of financial products, and of traditional financial institutions themselves. In India, these changes are taking place within the context of a “digital divide”, where many low-income consumers experience, variable levels and quality of access to technology and finance. Against the backdrop of these innovations, several foundational questions for financial regulation arise including the question of where the boundaries of regulation should lie.

We convened the 4th Dvara Research Conference for deeper reflection on the optimal regulatory stance on data-driven finance. The conference deliberated on three themes, i.e. (i) consumer data infrastructure, (ii) consumer data regulation and (iii) harnessing consumer data for product suitability. Together, these themes traced the broad contours of data-driven finance in India and the flashpoints for policy and regulation that accompany it.