NSE-IFF Financial Deepening & Household Finance Research Initiative (2014-15)


The NSE-IFMR Finance Foundation (IFF) Financial Deepening & Household Finance Research Initiative is a collaborative research effort between the National Stock Exchange and IFMR Finance Foundation, that aims to support high-quality research on household finance that is informed by the current financial landscape including barriers to access, and aims to generate tangible policy and practice insights that contribute towards furthering financial outreach to low-income and excluded populations.

As part of the initiative a global call for proposals was initially rolled out seeking outstanding research proposals that could be funded to advance thinking on household finance – Link & Link.

After a thorough screening process, involving an expert panel, a final set of five research proposals were selected for funding in this round. Under the initiative NSE and IFMR Finance Foundation jointly hosted recently the Inaugural Conference at which each of these five peer-reviewed papers were presented and discussed by an audience of researchers, practitioners and policy makers on the 14th and 15th of March, 2016 at Mumbai.